My name is

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I'm a self-taught front-end developer. I love creating websites from scratch using HTML/CSS/Javascript. My favorite javascript framework is React JS. I'm keen to learn about new stuff related to web development and solve problems.

My skill set include:
HTML5 - CSS3 - Bootstrap - Sass - JavaScript - React Js - Git - Github

My Work

These are some of my previous projects

React Weather App

In this project, I fetched data from a weather API and displayed it in the web page.

React Todo List

This is a todo list I created. It contains amazing features like edit, delete and complete.

Quotes Template

I used html/css/JavaScript and Sass to create the website. It's responsive and user-friendly.

Get In Touch

Do you want to work with me or you just want to talk? You can reach me through Linkedin or here is my g-mail and phone number.